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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Delegates at Conferences


1. General

The registration submitted to request attendance to the Conference (”Conference”) is organised by Worldhealthai LTD., registered in England and Wales


All registrations for the Conference are subject to these terms and conditions. The act of registering for the Conference constitutes acceptance of these terms on your behalf, as well as on behalf of any person within your organisation for whom you are acting. A contractual agreement will have been made between you and us once the registration has been processed.

These terms and conditions represent the entire agreement between you and us in relation to the Conference and supersede any previous agreement whether written or verbal.

Registering for a conference represents an acknowledgment that you are not relying on any promise, assurance, statement, or representation that is not expressly set out in these terms.

Any dispute arising out of or in connection with these terms and conditions, whether contractual or non-contractual, will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.


2. Payments


All bookings made prior to the conference must be paid in full to guarantee registration. Once payment has been received, an email confirmation and a receipted invoice will be sent. If payment is not made at the time of booking, registration will be provisional. Bookings received less than two weeks before the conference date can only be paid by credit card.
All payments for delegate passes must be settled 10 business days before the start of the conference.


3. Early Bird Rate


In order to qualify for any ‘early bird’ rates, booking and payment must be received before the deadline date listed in the conference marketing material.


4. Conference Terms

You must submit a Conference registration via our website to request to attend a Conference. This does not automatically confirm your place, a booking confirmation will be set which will confirm your place at the Conference. All registrations are subject to our booking criteria, and we reserve the right to refuse or revoke bookings at our sole discretion upon written notice to you at any time.

We and our venue provider reserve the right to refuse admission or to ask you to leave the Conference and venue in any circumstances and at our sole discretion.

5. Attendance Terms

Non-attendance or attendance cancellation shall activate a £250/€250/$250 cancellation fee that will be charged at our discretion. You may send an attendee to represent your company as a replacement to avoid this charge.

Any instructions are given by our team or that of the venue must be followed at all times, including safety requirements, non-smoking areas, or any other statutory rules and regulations.

You cannot bring to the Conference any promotional or marketing materials to display or distribute at any time other than the exchange of business cards.

You must inform us in advance of the Conference, in case it is being filmed, that you do not consent to being included.

We do not accept any responsibility for any accident, injury, or loss suffered while attending a Conference unless incurred as a direct result of our negligence. You agree to indemnify us, and our staff and partners and hold us harmless to the fullest extent of the law, against all loss, expenses, costs, and claims of any kind arising from any act or omission by you or your delegate during or otherwise in relation to a Conference.


6. Access Requirements


Delegates should advise of any special access requirements at the time of registration.


7. Registration Information


Registration information will be sent to registered delegates by email at least seven days prior to the event. Any delegate not receiving the registration information should contact us by email to


8. Alterations to Programme – Cancellation/Postponement of Event


  1. Worldhealthai reserves the right to make alterations to the conference programme, venue and timings.

  2. In the unlikely event of the programme being cancelled by Worldhealthai, a full refund will be made. Liability will be limited to the amount of the fee paid by the delegate.

  3. In the event of it being found necessary, for whatever reason, that the conference is being postponed or the dates being changed, the organisers shall not be liable for any expenditure, damage or loss incurred by the delegate.

  4.  If by re-arrangement or postponement the event can take place, the booking between the delegate and the organisers shall remain in force and will be subject to the cancellation schedule in paragraph 3.

If you have any questions regarding our terms & conditions, please contact:

Every reasonable effort will be made to deliver the Conference as advertised. We will provide you with notice of any cancellation or date/location change in advance. In the event of a date or location change, you will be given the option to transfer your attendance to another Conference or to cancel without penalty. We shall not be liable for transport, accommodation costs or any other cost or expense incurred if we cancel the Conference.


9. Privacy

Personal information provided during the registration process will be processed and stored in line with our privacy policy.

If you are registering a colleague or other person on their behalf, by agreeing to these terms, you are confirming you have their permission and permission to share their personal information for processing and storage as per our privacy policy.

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