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Privacy Policy

1.0 Fair Processing Notice

Worldhealthai LTD is committed to protecting personal information and respecting privacy rights. We ensure that all collecting, use of, processing and sharing of personal data adheres to both the Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR.

Worldhealthai LTD is a company registered in England and Wales.

If you need to contact us to discuss personal data privacy, you can contact our data team on

2.0 What data we may collect and how is it used

Personal data is data that is either directly provided or can be combined with data we already hold that identifies a person. Examples may be (but not limited to); name, job title, company name, email address, phone number but it may also include other information such as business address, payment details (card and bank).

To enable us to offer you the best possible products and services, we collect and use this personal information. This enables us to inform you about new conferences that may be relevant.


The information is collected via registration/booking forms and is provided by you to us.

We may also collect data that is in the public domain such as social media, where the third parties also have your consent to display this personal information and for us to use and process.

We use personal data in a way that we believe our prospects and clients would deem reasonable for the provision of business-to-business services, and any initial contact would use “legitimate interest” as the legal grounds to do so (Article 6, GDPR). We always give you the opportunity to withdraw consent by contacting

We will keep your personal data for a length of time that is appropriate for our delivery of service, if an agreement is entered into, or for a length that is needed to identify you to enable us to provide services to you. We will only keep your personal data as long as there is a legitimate requirement to do so.

3.0 Withdrawing consent

The information collected may be used for product marketing purposes from which you can choose to unsubscribe at any time using the unsubscribe button or emailing

If consent is withdrawn we may still use the personal data we have to fulfil any contract we have with you. When you enter a contract with us, and we are contractually obliged to use your personal data to ensure fulfilment and payment, and we will continue to use personal data in order to do so. (Article 6, GDPR). 

4.0 Participating at Conferences

In order to deliver our Conferences, personal data provided will be held in a database, it may also be used to inform you about other Conferences of relevance to you. Any payment information is not held in our database.

We may share Conference registration information (name, job title, company, email) with our event partners subject to your consent. Limited information (job title, company) may be used by us for the purpose of attracting further partners to the Conference. Whether we rely on your consent or legitimate interest as the lawful basis for this will depend on the information transferred. We will ask you for permission at the point where the information is provided.

5.0 Storage

Your personal data is kept secure at all times and is only used and shared as outlined above. Data may be held in several locations and/or in the cloud via third party providers we use. Your personal information will always be held by these third parties with confidentiality requirements and legal agreements in place.

6.0 Rights

Your rights to protection of personal data may vary based on your location, if you have any questions around out Privacy Policy, please contact us at and we will handle any queries promptly.

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